About Us

WHAT WE DO,  Solution Mining Research Institute, Inc. "SMRI"

  • SOLUTION MINING SIMPLIFIED is pumping of fresh water down a well to dissolve underground deposits of water soluble minerals like salt, potash, trona, etc.   As the water circulates it dissolves the mineral and becomes saturated, the brine is forced up a separate pipe string to the surface.  The minerals are produced from the brine, or the brine goes directly to a chemical process.  

  • CAVERN STORAGE: After solution mining, the resulting underground salt caverns are commonly used for the storage of crude oil and natural gas, as well as other hydrocarbons, chemicals, compressed air, and waste.  Gas caverns, for example, provide storage capacity to deliver maximum output to meet high demand for natural gas every winter.

    SMRI helps our specialized industry move forward by promoting technical forums, educational presentations, classes, and  discussions; and by directing research efforts where they can provide answers, improve mineral resource utilization, promote safe and environmentally sound operations, and help utilize caverns to provide maximum benefit, as a few examples.  For an introduction to SMRI and what we do, (including recent research subjects), as presented to World Salt Symposium 2018, click here for the paperclick here for the PPT as presented.  

    The Solution Mining Research Institute Inc. (SMRI) is a non-profit research and educational organization, with international perspective and members. SMRI welcomes participation by operators, researchers, suppliers, consultants, educators, government regulators, students, and others with interest in solution mining and cavern utilization, (membership is not required to attend conferences).  

    SMRI’s main functions are below:

    • FUND RESEARCH specific to industry needs or challenges (funded by member dues)
    • HOLD TECHNICAL CONFERENCES twice a year, in North America and Europe
    • PRESENT TECHNICAL CLASSES, on subjects of most interest to members
    • ONLINE LIBRARY of technical reports, class papers, research reports, World Salt Symposiums 1 to 9, etc.
    • PROVIDE TECHNICAL RESOURCES to improve effectiveness of government regulations.
    • SOFTWARE, industry specific, for cavern development and gas/liquid storage cavern operation

Note to University students- assistance is available to a limited number of students in fields relating to SMRI such as mining and petroleum engineering, geology, geophysics, etc.. SMRI will waive conference fees, and other limited support is available to attend our technical conferences. Use homepage 'Quick Link' to get signed up in our database, then contact SMRI's Executive Director, John Nadeau, for details.