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Spring Conferences Fall Conferences

2022 Spring Rapid City, SD, US

3-6 May

Technical Class: "Development of a Cavern Storage Project, Cavern Basics."

 Field Trips: Black Hills Geology and Hydrology, Mammoth Site and Guided Tour, Wind Cave National Park, and Custer State Park, and Private Badlands National Park


2022 Fall Chester, UK

25-28 September

Technical Class: "Technical Aspects and Considerations for Cavern Abandonment."

Field Trips: Storengy Stublach facility gas caverns site and the INOVYN site brine field, Lion Salt Works museum


2021 Spring Virtual

19-22 April







2021 Fall Galveston, TX, US

19-22 September

   Technical Class: "Development of a Cavern Storage Project, Cavern Basics."

     Field trips: Galveston Museums, and Johnson Space Center (Canceled)





2020 Fall Virtual

21-24 September


2019 Spring New Orleans, Louisiana, US

7-10 April

     Technical Class: "Mechanical Integrity Testing (MIT) and Techniques in Gas and Liquids Storage Caverns."

      Field trips: Bayou Choctaw, LOOP (Louisiana Offshore Oil Port), Weeks Island Mine, Morton Salt (K+S), Avery Island Mine, Cargill Salt


2019 Fall Berlin, Germany

22-25 September

     Technical Class: "Mechanical Integrity Testing (MIT) and Techniques in Gas and Liquids Storage Caverns."

      Field trips: Falkenhagen wind energy hydrogen storage facility of Uniper Energy Storage, Freiberg silver mine, and terra mineralia museum



2018 Spring Salt Lake City, Utah, US

17-18 June

     Technical Class: "Engineering Calculations in Solution Mining." 

No field trips were held due to the 10th World Salt Symposium  in Park City


2018 Fall Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK

23-26 September

     Technical Class: "Engineering Calculations in Solution Mining." 

      Field trips: Geology of Northern Ireland and Irish Salt Mining and Exploration, Ltd. facilities



2017 Spring Albuquerque, NM, US

23-27 April 2017

     Technical class: "Well Integrity Management for Salt Caverns."

     Field trips: Northern NM (Boca Negra, Bandelier, Los Alamos Museum) and Southeastern NM (WIPP surface, Intrepid Potash west mine, NM OCD)


2017 Fall Münster, Germany 

24-27 September 2017

     Technical class: "Well Integrity Management for Salt Caverns."

     Field trips: Borth salt mine of ESCO and Xanten Innogy facility, Hengelo salt facility, Akzo Nobel Netherlands, and Epe/ Uniper and SGW facilities



2016 Spring Galveston, TX, US

24-27 April 2016

     Technical class: "Salt Rock Mechanics."

     Field trips: Enterprise Products Mt. Belvieu, and Spectra Energy Moss Bluff, VIP tour of NASA Houston



2016 Fall Salzburg, Austria 

25-28 September 2016

     Technical class: "Salt Rock Mechanics."

     Field trips: Hallstatt Salt Mine and to the salt mine Berchtesgaden




2015 Spring Rochester, NY, US 

26-29 April 2015

     Technical class: "Salt Geology."

     Field trips: American Rock Salt Hampton Corners mine and Cargill Cayuga mine



2015 Fall Santander, Spain

27-30 September 2015

     Technical class: "Salt Geology."

     Field trips: Solvay's Torre la Vega plant and to Poza de la Sal  


First Kainite Solution Mining
Management Concepts to Optimize Utilization and Commercialization of Gas Storages
Carriço Gas Storage Project Design Optimization during Drilling and Leaching in a Complicated Geological Environment
Case Study to Evaluate the Rock Pressure Development at Reconstructed Gas Storage CavernsP2015
Development of an Ultra Simplified Toolkit for UGS Operators, Customers & Traders
Monitoring of a Leaching Process on Salt Caverns Using Passive MicroSeismic Surveillance Geosel Underground Storage
The Effects of Interbedded Salt & Potash on Cemented Casing at Dewdney
Methodology for Evaluation of Integrity for Storage Wells
Gathering and Using Available Geological, Engineering and Seismic Data to Image and Verify the Top and Edge of Salt Dome Geobodies
A Kinetic Study of the Dissolution of Natural Halite from Lake Katwe (Uganda) in Aqueous Solutions
Numerical Simulation of Salt Cavern Dynamics and Flow-Induced Vibration
The in-situ Sampling of Gas in Caverns and the Development of Software to avoid Hydrates and reduce the Admixture of Inhibitors
Understanding the Big Hill Dome Surface Uplift: Historical InSAR Study
Effects of Changes in the Pressure and Temperature of the Testing Fluid During a Liquid-Liquid MIT
Proposed Criteria Used in Considering The Frequency of the Periodic Gas Sonar Surveys Of Caverns
Water Supply Requirements for Solution Mining; an Important Challenge for the Iranian Underground Natural Gas Storage in Salt Dome
Presentation of Les Pinasses Underground Gas Storage Project to be Developed in Salt Leached Caverns in Northeast Spain


2014 Spring San Antonio, TX, US

4-7 May 2014

     Technical class: "Salt-cavern-induced Subsidence & Sinkholes."

     Field trip: Southwest Research Institute


2014 Fall Groningen, The Netherlands

28 Sept to 1 Oct 2014

     Technical class: "Salt-cavern-induced Subsidence & Sinkholes."

     Field trips: Gasunie EnergyStock Zuidwending and AKZO Nobel's Heiligerlee, Frisia Zout Harlingen


2013 Spring Lafayette, LA US

21 to 24 April 2013

     Technical class: "Salt Well Logging."

     Field trips: Surface features at Jefferson Island and Avery Island, and aerial tour of 4 ‘Island’ saltdomes and Napoleonville sinkhole



2013 Fall Avignon, France conference

29 Sept to 2 Oct 2013      

     Technical class: "Salt Well Logging."

     Field trips: Kem One Vauvert brine facility and Geosel Manosque gas storage




2012 Spring Regina, SK, Canada 

22 -25 April 2012

     Technical Class: “Solution Mining in Presence of Non-Halite Salts."

     Field trips: Mosaic Potash, TransGas, and Saskatchewan Province MER Core Lab


2012 Fall Bremen, Germany 

30 Sept - 3 Oct 2012

     Technical class: "Fundamentals of Salt Cavern Development."
     Field trips: IVG Etzel, NWKG, and Solvay

2011 Spring- Galveston TX, USA

18-20 April 2011 

Technical ClassTypical Drilling, Completion and Workover for Salt CavernsSpecial Cases


2011 Fall- York, UK

2-4 Oct 2011

Technical ClassBrine Use and Disposal- Methods and Case Histories



2010 Spring – Grand Junction CO, US

25-28 April 2010

 Technical Class: Surface Subsidence and Sinkholes


2010 Fall- Leipzig, Germany

3-6 Oct 2010

 Technical Class: Fundamentals of Long-Term Abandonment of Salt Caverns


Advanced System Determination of the Capacities of Salt Caverns for Underground Gas Storage
Design, technology and experience of cavern construction at Kaliningrad UGS in Russia
Effect of Specimen Preconditioning on Salt Dilation Onset
GESO Solution Controls - An Automatic Blanket - Brine Interface Monitoring System for Salt Caverns
Improving Dual Well Horizontal Cavern Volume and Shape Predictions by Post-Processing Single Well Sonar Data
Long Term Development and Extension of Brine Field and Storage Site Teutschenthal Bad Lauchstaedt in Central Germany 
New Insights in Salt Mining Possibilities Close to the Eastern Netherlands Regional Boekelo Fault Zone
Novel Monitoring Technologies for Gas Storage Cavern Monitoring
Optimization of Solution Mining Geophysical Exploration by Rada Wireline Service
Optimization of Solution Storage Cavern Construction
Plant Screening "Engineering Evaluation and Assessment of Plant Components with an Example of a Cavern"
Sealing of Casing Annuls at Cavern Entrance
Solution Mining and Injection- Production Technology of Gas Storage in Deep Salt Bed
Some geomechanical aspects of compressed air energy storage (CAES) in salt caverns 
Technical Solution and Monitoring Resultes of the Controlled Collapse of Field 1 Salt Cavern, Ocnele Mari, Romania
The Development of Natural Gas Caverns as a Trading Tool and the Consequences
Thermo-Mechanical Effects in a CAES 


2009 Spring – Krakow, Poland

26-28 April 2009

 Technical Class: "Surface Subsidence and Sinkholes"


Convergence Estimation for Gas Storage Caverns Field 
Determination of Formation Pressures in Rock Salt with Regard to Cavern Storage
Gas and Fluid Migration Pathways in Salt Bodies - Implications from the Klodawa Salt Structure Central Poland
Geological and Technical Introduction to the Wieliczka Salt Mine
Interpretation of Cavern Shapes Measured by Chemkop Echosonda Application
Over 40 Years of Development of Design Criteria for Salt Caverns 
Singularities of the Rock Mass Movement During the Mining of Caverns
Special Technology with High Safety-Related Standards for the Repair of a Wellhead Damage of a Gas Filled Cavern at Stassfurt Storage Site 
Temperature Logging for Leak Detection in Gas Caverns
The Carnallitite Deposits of Saskatchewan Resource Problem or Solution Mining Opportunity 
 The Role of Salt Cavern Underground Natural Gas Storages in the Polish Gas System - The Economic Aspect
Three-Dimensional Modeling and Visualisation of Cavern Field Sites


 2009 Fall – World Salt Symposium, Beijing, China  (no Fall SMRI conference)

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2008 Spring- Porto, Portugal

27-30 April 2008

Technical Class: "Solution Mining and Hydrocarbon Storage Toolbox"

2008 Fall – Austin TX, USA

12-14 Oct 2008

Technical Class: "Solution Mining and Hydrocarbon Storage Toolbox."