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SMRI has grown and is successful because of strong member support, which allows us to offer research and educational programs of value to both our members, our industry, and the public.

Our members of many backgrounds and interests continue working together to improve the solution mining and cavern utilization industry, move towards answering sometimes difficult technical yet practical questions. 

If you have an interest in any of SMRI's subject areas, you will likely find others in our organization with similar challenges as those you face, and may find valuable knowledge with us at SMRI. At SMRI, if our members have questions, we try to find sound, scientific ways to work towards the answers.

Before you join, we suggest that you to attend an SMRI conference, meet our members, and see what we have in common. The world’s leading experts on solution mining and cavern related subjects are SMRI members. Please consider supporting the industry by joining us.  If you are a government regulator, SMRI has a new class of membership at zero dues rate.

Only organizations may become membersno individual memberships are possible.  A membership includes full benefits for a reasonable number of staff: technical people, managers, sales, field personnel, so they are able to access our library, receive member-rate conference fees, and use our software if so inclined.  

SMRI benefits, member dues rates for membership classes A, B, C, etc. are described in the document "member benefits, classifications, and dues" pdf file, to view or download, MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS AND DUES, updated 1 January 2020.

APPLY FOR MEMBERSHIP to get listed in our database.  To apply for organizational membership, you must complete the  Membership application, DOWNLOAD APPLICATION and return it to John Nadeau by email.

We have not raised dues rates in over 15 years, but have expanded services.  Since 2006 our membership active e-mail list has grown from about 250 individuals to about 1600, and non-member e-mail list from 160 to 1600.  What are you missing?