Here is what new vistors to SMRI need to know:

SMRI welcomes non-members at our technical conferences, and there is no cost to sign up in our database.  

There is no better way to learn about solution mining and cavern storage than participating in SMRI conferences!
The technical papers offer something for everyone, and we arrange coffee breaks, meals, etc for maximum interaction, so you can get to know the expert sitting next to you. 

You need not be a member to participate in our conferences, but our members get price breaks and early registration/field trip priority.

You must be in our database to register for conferences. We do not send spam and never give or sell our database.

If you would like to be added to our database to receive future Calls for Papers, Conference Announcements, and requests for research proposals, please "SIGN UP" to create your record, and you may contact us with questions or assistance.  We need your your name, company, and business Email address. 

LIBRARY is designed as member only. Non-members who log in may only perform searches, but would then need to contact SMRI to purchase most documents you want to see.